Empowering Youths and Children towards Sustainable Development.


African Youths Development Association for Sustainability (AYDFAS), was founded in 2016 by a young entrepreneur NYAH FELIX NDONGYAN. He was touched by the environmental challenges affecting the most vulnerable communities of the south west region of Cameroon, especially where he grew up and he desires to bring sustainable change through socioeconomic empowerment for children and youths to merge real lives transformation for sustainable livelihood, in his local community, the south west region, Cameroon, and Africa at large. AYDFAS carried out her mission silently by empowering young entrepreneurs from technical institutions through internships and educative campaigns at the global interest, helping slow learners and those with learning difficulties from different education backgrounds to acquire reading and writing skills, while she further extends scholarships to some vulnerable children for them to maximize their potentials.

Our Cause

promote gender sensitization and equality

Gender discrimination and son preference in many societies particularly in Africa limits girls’ chances of surviving and thriving.

educate youths on health and civic responsibilities, fight drug abuse and other social ills

The transition from youth to adulthood marks a key period characterized by greater economic independence, political involvement, and participation in community life.

To build entrepreneurial and innovative capacity of youths

Empowering young people with technical skills is our priority. Mindful of the fact that we are in a time where young people desire to be responsible and yet limited because of lack of jobs.


delivered fresh seven days a week

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